Viza Eguez

A Cuban national, Roberto Viza Egües, who claimed to be a political dissident and member of a human rights
movement, arrived in France on 13 August [2000] after stowing away on an aircraft. He was held at the holding area of Mesnil-Amelot (Seine-et-Marne) and briefly at Roissy before being expelled from the country on 31 August. After his forcible return to Cuba he claimed that when at Roissy he resisted attempts to escort him to the aircraft. As a result he was shackled by hands and feet and taken to an isolated room where he was beaten by several police officers. He was also allegedly kicked and jostled and either fell or was pushed some of the way down an escalator. A passenger on the flight to Cuba, where Roberto Viza Egües was escorted by three officers, told the newspaper
Le Monde that he had seen the Cuban, who was shouting, being beaten by the officers. He was also seen staggering and with a swollen face as he left the aircraft on arrival at Habana. Roberto Viza Egües, who claimed that the officers perforated his left eardrum, lodged a judicial complaint against them on a charge of voluntary acts of  violence (”coups et blessures volontaires”).