Yoani ‘censored’?

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Pascual Serrano – Rebelión

Yesterday if one were to google “Yoani Sánchez” within Google’s “News in Spanish,” approximately 40
media reports would have appeared stating that this Cuban woman’s blog had been blocked by authorities in that country. (Cuba Censors One of its Main Blogs the Same Day it Approves Computer Sales, News Hurts, Bloggers Denounce Havana Blocking Access to Their Sites From Within Cuba, Cuba Blocks Access to the Most Read Cuban Blog, Cuba Blocks Access to One of its Most Read Blogs Because of its Criticism of Raul Castro etc..)

The news is practically identical in all media and it appears to have originated with a Reuters wire-service story. The peculiar thing is that it is limited to reiterating the allegations of this particular Cuban woman who “said that Cubans can no longer visit her website nor that of other bloggers born in the country who have their websites hosted on a server in Germany. All they can see is an error message.” Another thing that caught my attention is how, if the Cubans are continually being denounced for not allowing Internet
access, the government could have an interest in blocking a blog that supposedly is not accessible?