Blogs as tools for reflective learning

Article looking at whether blogs support reflective practices amongst middle school teachers in the states. Suggests it does. Could apply some of the same ideas to using blogs as reflective devices in undergraduate research.


There is a dearth of research on the efficacy of blogs as reflective devices. However, a few recent studies suggest that blogs may promote reflective practice among educational users (Shoffner, 2005; Suzuki, 2004; Fiedler, 2003; West, Wright, & Graham, 2005). Research on the efficacy of reflection in electronic environments supports this potential use of blogs as well (Bonk, Cummings, Hara, Fischler, & Lee, 2000). According to Kennedy (2003), “…blogs combine the best elements of [technology, where] work is collected, edited, and assessed, with the immediacy of publishing for a virtual audience” (¶17). Written reflection has been noted in the literature as an effective method of thinking about practice (Calderhead, 1996; Palmer, 1998). Blogs, electronic written expression, are “especially effective at supporting…reflection…more so than other technologies would be” (West et al., 2005, p.1656).