Letters to the editor – Granma ‘opens up’?

Letters to Granma new form of expression in Cuba | International | Reuters

HAVANA (Reuters) – Cubans have a new vehicle to express their
opinions: letters to the editor of the ruling Communist Party newspaper

Letters for and against reforms under consideration by Cuba’s new President Raul Castro were published by Granma on Friday.

One writer called for the elimination of the dual currency system, a
major source of complaint among Cubans, who are paid in Cuban pesos but
must buy many consumer goods in Cuba’s hard currency Convertible pesos
worth 24 times more.

Publication of the letter was a novelty in a country where the press
is controlled by a one-party state that allows no independent media and
has a record of suppressing dissent.

It follows a new trend of stimulating public debate started by Raul
Castro since he took over running the government when his brother Fidel
Castro fell ill in mid-2006. The older Castro has not appeared in
public again and his brother was installed last month as Cuba’s first
new leader in half a century.