Breaking the law

Comparing Cuba and the US – different contexts similar problems:


He’s 28 and works at a hotel pool because his stepfather bought him a job in the tourism industry.  His command of English is awful but with the two thousand pesos he paid to the administrator, he didn’t have to prove he could speak it.  More than half the bottles of rum and coca cola he sells at the snack bar he bought himself at the retail price.  His colleagues taught him how to sell his own “merchandise” first, over that which the State sells to tourists.  Thanks to this trick, on every shift he pockets what a neurosurgeon would earn in a month.


We live in this wierd time. It’s like an age of prohibitions, where in many areas of life we live life constantly against the law. Ordinary people live life against the law. And that’s what they are doing to our kids. They live life knowing they live it against the law. That realisation is extraordinarily corrosive, extraordinariy corrupting and in a democracy we ought to be able to do better