Does the internet bring a more democratic world?

A new australian report tries to answer this one:

SCAN | journal of media arts culture

From Big to Little Screens: Recurring Images of Democratic Credibility and the Net

Mark Rolfe

There are many who
believe the World Wide Web is a blessing that increases participatory
democracy because everyone can be involved through blogging, citizen
journalism, YouTube, Web 2.0 and other exciting possibilities
of the internet. However, my paper explores the continuing need for
people to project images of political credibility through the internet
to our computer screens. I want to concentrate here on some aspects of
the internet that represent less an upheaval and more a continuation of
old politics by new means.

My main point is that much of this display of credibility, called ethos by the ancients, is mistaken for an increase in participatory democracy and thus a brighter political future.