Some words of Tony Hirst to reflect on as I work out how to generate interest around the wiki translation project dctraducir:

The important thing is that the communities arise from discovering a shared purpose. Rather than being given a set of explicit tasks to do, the community identifies what needs doing and then does it. Scott Leslie recently considered another dimension to this problem, in considering how “getting a community off the shelf” is a non-starter: Planning to Share versus Just Sharing.

It strikes me that the “mass authoring” experiment is trying to source and allocate resource to perform a set of pre-defined tasks, rather than allowing a community to grow organically through personal engagement and identify meaningful tasks that need to be completed within that community – that is, allowing the tasks to be identified on an ‘as required’ basis, or as itches that occur that come to need scratching?

OK, I’m not thinking of mass authoring in this sense, but the comments apply equally to translation. It seems that the obstacle to participation is still the notion of technical competency with the wiki. I’m not sure if that is because I haven’t made it easier enough to use or whether those who arrive to it expect something that it’s not.

Maybe a poll of visitors would help …