The Seven Ages of Kylie Minogue: Postmodernism, Identity, and Performative Mimicry

Lee Baron in Nebula 5.4 December 2008 looks at the chameleonic qualities of Kylie Minogue as examples of a very postmodern, fluid series of multiple identities.

… within this article, I will explore and analyze Kylie Minogue’s ‘postmodern chameleon’ sensibilities in relation to the differing personas and looks that have
marked a musical career now spanning three decades and that has illustrated ‘a performative self endlessly adapting to a fluid environment’ (Rogers 136). Drawing upon the approaches of Kellner,
Hall, Sontag and Caillois, I will argue that Kylie Minogue represents a key contemporary postmodern performer, whose progressive image changes have moved from market-driven imperatives, to a reflexive, self-aware conception of image evolution and transformation.

It’s well worth a read informing as it does some of the theoretical work we have picked up on our way through a reading of postmodern selves. It may also give some of you an idea of the kind of ‘case study’ work you could do in term two.