The Independent on Gorki and Yoani

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A four-year jail sentence was lifted after a global outcry in
August. But the threat of prison still hangs over him. “Cuba is just
like Alice in Wonderland,” Gorki says. “Everything is upside down,
nothing makes sense. I’m not into politics but my songs are deemed
politically incorrect and I get sentenced for practising! Its absurd.”

He survives as a silkscreen artist making rock band tribute T-shirts.

On Yoani

Inside her flat, Ms Sanchez keeps up her searing attacks on the regime:
“They don’t have to kill us with bullets any more, these days the
regime uses a more scientific method of killing us as citizens,” she
says. “The regime understands it’s not necessary to kill us physically.
All the Cuban citizens are already dead. We police ourselves and censor
everything we say before we open our mouths, we are dead men walking.”